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Welcome to The Floor Official Fan Site

Special content unique to here

We will update it regularly.

<Contents of Fan Site>

● Special LIVE ●

Once a month, we will deliver a member-only distribution live.

Please enjoy the live in a private space that is a bit different from the usual live.

Bathroom Radio NEXT

"The Floor Bathroom Radio" on air every Tuesday from 21:00 on FM NORTH WAVE

For those who are not satisfied with this alone! !! Irregular member limited program start! !!



BLOG, video, photos, etc.

Spell out daily events and feelings.

Sasaki Hayato's otaku activity

VoGt Sasaki Hayato dissipates his enthusiasm for games and anime here.

● Yohji Yamamoto's weekend movie ●

Introducing the movies that Ba Miyashita Yohji wants you to watch this weekend.

Kotaro's recommendation

Introducing what Dr. Kotaro wants to push right now.

● Live priority reservation ●

Tickets can be pre-ordered for members.

In addition, new projects will start one after another, so please look forward to it! !! .

You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

The Floor Official Fan Site 〜床の間〜 $5.28 / month

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